Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To my friend who are….

To my friend who are….MARRIED,
Love is not about its ur fault but im sorry , not where are u, but im right here,
Not how could u, but I understand not I wish u were but im thankful u r..

To my friend who are ENGAGED
The true meaning of compatibility is not the years u spent together but how good u are for each other.

To my friend who areNOT SO SINGLE,
Love isn’t about becoming sumbody else’s perfect person.
Its about finding sum1 who helps u become the best person u can be.

To my friend who are..HEARTBROKEN,
Heart breaks last as long as u want and cut as deep as u allow them 2 go.
The challenger is not how 2 survive heart breaks but 2 learn from them.

To my friend who areNAÏVE,
How to fall in love : fall but dun stumble, be consist but not to persistent, share n never be unfair, understand n not try 2 demand, and get hurt but never keep the pain.

To my friend who are….PLAYBOY/PLAYGURL
Never say I luv u if u dun care..nver talk about feeling if they aren’t there. Never touch a life if u means break a heart. Never look in the eye when u do is lie. The clruelest thing a guy can do to gurls is l2 let her fall in luv whenhe doesn’t intend 2 catch her fall.

To my friend who arePOSSESIVE,
It breaks ur heart 2 see the ones who u luv happy wifs sum1 else but its more painful 2 noe that the one u luv is unhappy wif u.

To my friend who are….AFRAID TO CONFESS
Luv hurts when u break up wif sum1..its hurt even more when sum1 breaks up wif u. but luv hurts the most when the person u luv has no idea how u feel..

To my friend who areSTILL HOLDING ON,
A sad thing about life is that when u meet sum1 who means a lot 2 u, only 2 find out in the end that it was never bound 2 be and we just let go..

To my friend who are….SINGLE,
Luv is lyke a butterfly. The more u chase it, the more it eludes u. but if u just let it go, it would come 2 u when u least expect it. Luv can make u happy but often times it hurts, but luv only special when u give it 2 sum1 who is worth.